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The Street Lights is run bi-monthly during the winter on a circuit around South Molton. See below for monthly results.

New Route for Autumn 2023

  • Turn left out of the Pannier Market to New Road then turn right
  • Turn right into Mill Street and left onto South Street
  • Turn left up George Nympton road.
  • Do a u-turn at the last streetlight just past Howards Close and run back down George Nympton road
  • Turn left onto South Street
  • Turn right into Parklands and do an anti-clockwise lap exiting left onto South Street again
  • Turn left into Churchill Crescent keeping left where Churchill Crescent splits in two
  • Turn left onto Livarot Walk, merge onto Nadder Meadow and run to the roundabout where you turn right onto Nadder Lane
  • Carefully cross Nadder Lane and turn left into West Park.
  • Take the alleyway to Gunswell Lane and turn right
  • Turn left onto West Street and left again onto North Road
  • Turn left into Deerhill Road and do an anti-clockwise loop returning via Carder Way turning right onto Deerhill road again.
  • Turn left at North Road and cross at the pedestrian crossing and turning right down North Road
  • Turn left at Mole Ridge Way and continue onto Parsonage Lane
  • Turn left onto North Street and immediately right onto Duke Street
  • Turn left onto East Street, crossing it at the zebra crossing
  • Turn right into New Road, right onto Mill Street and right again onto Williamson Way
  • You have now finished or you're lost



Start times

Name Start time
Mark Pierce 18:20:48
Elinor Webber 18:50:06
David Webber 18:50:06
Madeline Edmondson 18:51:23
Sue Carter 18:51:42
Jane Clay 18:51:42
Amanda Jane 18:58:08
Steph Harris 19:00:59
Amanda Adams 19:00:59
Daisy Harley-Nyang 19:00:59
Tracey Bawden 19:00:59
Helen Simmons 19:00:59
Stacey James 19:02:40
Penny Chbat 19:04:54
Hannah Broggio 19:05:50
Helen Gough 19:06:04
Susie Werner 19:06:04
Ruth Carter 19:06:38
Fiona Tyson 19:07:03
Steven Jane 19:07:05
Susannah Davids 19:07:31
Kimmarie Smith 19:08:38
Paula Duffy 19:08:39
Lorena Allen 19:08:39
Kat Large 19:08:51
Abi Hanafin 19:08:53
Jo Bindloss Gibb 19:08:59
Gemma Foley 19:09:09
James Henderson 19:10:57
Rosie Warrington 19:11:43
Shelley Boyles 19:11:43
Lisa Ruck 19:12:28
Mary Kelly 19:12:28
Carly Short 19:13:12
Michael Dallyn 19:15:05
Andrew Busby 19:15:14
Nick Stone 19:15:28
John Carter 19:15:30
Jacob Smith 19:15:35
Chris Simpson 19:15:57
Russ Bestley 19:16:10
Gareth Warkley 19:16:19
Andrew Woollacott 19:16:51
James Simmons 19:18:31
Jo Kingdon 19:19:07
Lucy Smith 19:19:07
Mary-Ellen Whalley 19:19:07
Sarah Smith 19:19:38
Tracey Pennington 19:20:16
Richard Connett 19:21:12
Andy J Smith 19:21:14
Daniel Bashford 19:21:49
Susannah (Suki) Coffin 19:22:00
Helen Harbottle 19:22:12
Simon Beeby 19:22:38
Catherine Bashford 19:22:38
Andy Corbett 19:23:34
Samantha Baker 19:24:18
Mike Clark 19:24:48
Stanley Charles-Jones 19:25:38
Hywel Abbott 19:26:18
James McKibbin 19:26:19

Streetlights Top 10 Times

The times below are based on records stored in the website database which goes back to January 2012. Dave Cutler did a time of 28:17 in Nov 2011 (If anyone knows of other notable pre 2012 times then let the webmaster know).

The route has been altered once or twice over the years too so you should take that into consideration when viewing the table below.


Fiona Corrick33:06Streetlights - Oct 2019
Lucy Goodman35:15Streetlights - Jan 2013
Polly Goodman35:16Streetlights - Feb 2018
Catherine Bashford35:34Streetlights - Dec 2021
Lucy Goodman35:41Streetlights - Feb 2012
Samantha Baker35:42Streetlights - October 2023
Polly Goodman35:42Streetlights - Sep 2018
Lucy Goodman35:47Streetlights - Feb 2013
Fiona Corrick35:52Streetlights - Sep 2019
Lucy Goodman35:56Streetlights - Mar 2012


Paul Cooke28:22Streetlights - Feb 2018
Phil Thorne28:39Streetlights - Feb 2018
Dave Cutler28:44Streetlights - Mar 2012
Paul Cooke28:48Streetlights - Mar 2017
Paul Cooke28:54Streetlights - Jan 2019
James McKibbin29:03Streetlights - Feb 2020
Paul Cooke29:03Streetlights - Feb 2020
Jack Batchelor29:04Streetlights - Oct 2016
Jack Batchelor29:04Streetlights - Mar 2012
James McKibbin29:13Streetlights - January 2022