Three Bridges Run

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The Three Bridges Run is our monthly club only summer handicapped run.  It replaced the old Bridge Run.  The run starts and finishes at the Pip Centre, goes to Alswear on the Alswear New Road, turn right at Alswear on the Old Alswear Road, turn left onto Cheyney Lane and left again when you get back to Old Alswear Road.  Turn left into Limers lane, go straight across George Nympton Road and turn right when you get to the B3226 and back into South Molton and to the Pip Centre.  The old Bridge run was held on Sunday Mornings but the plan is to run this new run on Wednesday nights.  See the Upcoming Events listing for dates.

The full route is 6.5 miles, if you take both short cuts it's 5.5 miles.

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Next Run Start Times

Full Run

Name Start time
Sam Fook 18:41:40
Phil Rycroft 18:42:33
Amanda Adams 18:43:29
Amanda Britten 18:43:53
Geoff Adams 18:45:38
Lindsay Pearce 18:47:02
Sarah Cook 18:48:05
Rachael Williams 18:48:43
Andrew Jones 18:50:53
Catherine Pearce 18:52:51
Simon Joyce 18:56:00
Josephine (Jo) Bindloss Gibb 18:57:08
Neil Brown 18:57:13
Georgia Ainsworth 18:58:46
Julie Colman 18:59:17
Ted Townsend 18:59:24
Kiara Gorst 19:00:00
Karen Bowden 19:00:20
Tanya Marrow 19:01:07
Lewis Marrow 19:02:31
Andrew Woolacott 19:03:13
Tina Kingdon 19:03:51
Stacey Parker 19:04:14
Neil Partridge 19:05:06
Caroline Shapland 19:05:12
Tracey Pennington 19:05:30
Tim Baker 19:05:45
Jim Gould 19:05:55
Phil Pennington 19:05:58
Juliette Matthews 19:06:59
Michael Welch 19:07:51
Glenn Walton 19:08:58
John Hancock 19:09:11
Becky Hopkins 19:09:13
Nik Whalley 19:09:26
Ben Simmonds 19:09:55
Andrew Samuel 19:10:13
James McKibbin 19:10:41
James Simmons 19:11:00
Matt Waldron 19:12:12
Simon Goodman 19:12:52
Grant Parker 19:13:39
Paul Brayley 19:14:13
Richard Connett 19:14:17
Dave Cutler 19:15:51
Matt Tapp 19:17:21
James Stanley 19:18:53
Dan Nettlefield 19:18:55
Mike Clark 19:20:06
Paul Cooke 19:20:18

Short Run

Name Start time
Glyn Seal 18:50:18
Victoria Williams 18:51:34
Amy Latham 18:52:51
Tracey Bawden 18:55:58
Hannah Tearall 18:55:58
Sarah Symns 18:55:58
Helen Simmons 18:55:58
Shaun Harbord 18:55:59
Sue Carter 18:56:35
Mary-Ellen Whalley 18:57:28
Roger Kaye 19:00:28
Kate Kilburn 19:00:52
Toby Cooper 19:01:46
Paul Marrow 19:02:37
Emma Hill 19:04:40
Susie Werner 19:05:22
Jo Bradley 19:08:57
Sarah Smith 19:09:15
Sid Kyte 19:17:26

Three Bridges Top 10 Times

The times below are based on records stored in the website database which goes back to January 2012.

The times are for the full route only.


Lucy Goodman46:01Three Bridges Run August 2013
Lucy Goodman47:58Three Bridges Run July 2013
Lucy Goodman48:58Three Bridges Run September 2013
Lucy Goodman48:58Three Bridges Run May 2013
Claire Campbell49:34Three Bridges Run August 2013
Tracey Pennington50:31Three Bridges Run August 2014
Claire Campbell50:42Three Bridges Run July 2013
Becky Hopkins50:47Three Bridges Run April 2017
Lucy Goodman50:54Three Bridges Run May 2016
Lucy Goodman50:56Three Bridges Run April 2016


Steve Abel39:29Three Bridges Run May 2015
Steve Abel39:36Three Bridges Run September 2015
Paul Cooke39:39Three Bridges Run May 2015
Paul Cooke39:42Three Bridges Run August 2017
Paul Cooke39:51Three Bridges Run September 2015
Mike Clark39:54Three Bridges Run July 2017
Steve Abel39:57Three Bridges Run April 2015
Steve Abel40:03Three Bridges Run April 2016
Steve Abel40:09Three Bridges Run July 2015
Steve Abel40:12Three Bridges Run May 2016