Guidance For Runners

Welcome to South Molton Strugglers. The following offers brief guidance on your responsibilities when running with our groups.

While our groups will have a designated Run Leader, you are responsible for your own safety and within reason the safety of others around you. Please do your best to support your Run Leader and in particular:

  • Treat your fellow members with respect and courtesy.

  • Wear high-visibility clothing in the darker months (run leaders reserve the right to ask people to leave the run if they are not wearing appropriate high-visibility clothing.)

  • Carry some form of Identification and emergency contact details.

  • Please do not wear headphones.

  • Inform the Run Leader of any illness or injury concerns.

  • Inform the Run Leader if you are new or have recently moved up a group.

  • Bring appropriate medication if required.

  • Notify the Run Leader if you are leaving the run for whatever reason (or if that’s not possible, another member of the group.)

  • Stay within contact of all members unless a split has been agreed with the Run Leader.

  • Faster runners should loop back at regular intervals or when requested to by the Run Leader.

  • If you choose to run with a group that is slower than your usual pace, do not run at the front of this group, stay back and help the leader otherwise your pace will dictate the group and make it harder for others in the group.

  • Look to place yourself in the appropriate group based on your ability. If you find yourself at the front of the group most weeks, consider moving up a group. Conversely, if you are at the back most weeks, consider a slower paced group.

  • Cross on official road crossings wherever possible, all roads and road junctions should be approached with caution and only cross when safe to do so. Do not follow other runners across the road; ensure that you carry out your own checks before you cross.

  • Give way to other pedestrians/path users when necessary.

  • Warn other runners around you of impending hazards, pedestrians, dustbins, low hanging branches etc. Look after the other runners within your training group, if someone is struggling make sure that they are not left on their own or inform your Run Leader.