Club Membership

The South Molton Strugglers membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December.
All members are asked to pay their subscriptions promptly by 1st January each year.

The England Athletics Registration year runs from 1st April to 31st March, so for those who choose the optional EA-registration an additional fee is due by 1st April.
NOTE: In previous years we have collected both Club and EA fees simultaneously on 1st January, but this year it is intended that only Club fees need to be paid on 1st January. The
additional EA registration fee will be payable separately, by 1st April.

A list of current members is made available on the website in the member area. Access to this is restricted to current members only.

Important: All members are responsible for ensuring their membership records are correct.  To access your details, sign in to the ‘My Membership’ section at top right on the website. You can update this information at any time, eg for changes to address, email, phone numbers.


Strugglers Club membership is now £14.

Optional England Athletics (EA) registration has increased by £2 to £19. This is required to be paid by 1st April 2024. If for convenience you wish to include it with your Club fee payable by 1st January 2024, you are welcome to pay the combined £33 now (Club £14 + EA £19) but the EA element will not be paid to them until 1st April.

NOTE: EA registration is an OPTIONAL extra – see further details of benefits below.


The preferred method of payment is by BACS direct into the club bank account:
Account Name: South Molton Strugglers
Sort code: 30-90-91 (Lloyds) Account number: 66258160

Please quote your name as the reference. 

All New Members must fill in a Membership Form -  Download here
Please email this to Sarah Smith or print off and hand to her.

Existing Members – when paying subs please sign in to the ‘My Membership’ page and check your membership details are correct.


Individual athletes can choose to be EA Registered.
Note: Registration is often referred to as EA-affiliation, but this is not strictly correct as only clubs can affiliate and membership for individuals is called registration.

Registration provides access to EA newsletters, member offers and gives a £2 discount on entry to races that operate under an EA Permit (Note: not all races do – see Race Permits explanation below). It also gives you a (small) chance to get a club entry to the London Marathon.

All those who have paid EA-registered membership fees will be entered on the EA system by the membership secretary. EA will then email out membership details including your EA membership number (URN) which is needed to sign up to some races.  It can take time for the cards to arrive (for existing EA members this is likely to be after 1st April), but if you're registered you can look up your URN here: 

If you're not found there, please speak to the membership secretary who will be able to look up your URN for you on the EA system.

The EA registration year runs from April to March, but any new EA athlete can be registered between January and March (paying the fee applicable for that year) and benefit from extended registration through to the 31st March of the following year. (Note: this does not apply to former EA members who allowed their registrations to lapse.)


Most races have a permit issued by one of four running associations – ie: the Association of Running Clubs (ARC), England Athletics (EA), the Fell Running Association (FRA) or the Trail
Running Association (TRA) – and this determines who is eligible for the £2 discount:

  •  If a race has a permit issued by the ARC or TRA you are entitled to the £2 discount when entering. This is because, as a paid-up member of South Molton Strugglers and regardless of whether or not you are EA-registered, you are classified as an attached runner under the rules of the ARC and TRA.
  • If a race has a permit from the Fell Running Association there will be a single entry price as the FRA permit rules state that all entrants must be charged the same regardless of their EA-registration status. The only exception is that they may offer a small reduction for individual members of the FRA.
  • But if a race has an EA permit, only EA-registered members get the £2 discount.

Check when you enter, the race information should tell you what sort of permit applies.





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