Lollipop Run

Start Times - Record Times

The Lollipop run is our current summer handicap event, first run in 2022.  (It replaced the No Bridges/Three Bridges events)

 See the Upcoming Events listing for dates.

The route starts and finishes at the Pannier Market.

  • Leaving the rear of the Pannier Market
  • Run past the main car park
  • Turn right onto Mill Street
  • Turn left onto South Road
  • Ignoring Kingsway, turn left into Alswear Old Road
  • Continue up the hill past the Community College
  • Continue for 1.25 miles, ignoring two lanes on the right
  • Drop down the steep hill to Garramarsh (nr. Alswear)
  • Turn sharp right and climb towards Frenchstone Farm
  • At the top continue straight on ignoring the left turn to George Nympton
  • Turn left at Cheyney Cross and head back to South Molton past the Community College
  • Turn right onto South Street
  • Turn right into Mill Street
  • Turn left past the main car park and back to finish at the Pannier Market

The route is available on Strava here.

The start times listed below are based on your best efforts in the current year, where you haven't run in the current year your best effort from last year will be used.  If you have run the long run either in the current year or previous year then you will only have a start time for the long run even if you've also run the short run in that time.  This is to keep the list as uncluttered as possible.  Where you haven't taken part in the current or previous year you wont have a start time at all and will need to set a time, you will be marked as a first time runner even if you ran a few years ago.  Simples?

Next Run Start Times

Name Start time
Russ Bestley 18:48:06
Tony Collyer 18:51:01
Shaun Harbord 18:52:35
John Carter 18:57:55
Karen Bowden 18:58:03
Amanda Jane 18:58:03
Jane Clay 18:58:03
Ted Townsend 18:58:10
Sue Carter 19:00:04
Crystal Williamson 19:01:00
Sarah Sanders 19:01:02
Amanda Adams 19:01:54
Edward Broggio 19:05:43
Rachel Robinson 19:05:43
Susannah Davids 19:06:58
Eloise-Rebekah Smith 19:07:00
Andrew Busby 19:07:17
Michaela Wright 19:07:41
Kiara Gorst 19:07:47
April Britton 19:08:15
Abi Hanafin 19:10:33
Jo Bindloss Gibb 19:10:54
Steven Jane 19:11:28
Kimmarie Smith 19:12:08
Chloe Sanders 19:13:03
Rosie Charles-Jones 19:14:05
Chris Simpson 19:14:07
Andrew Woollacott 19:14:08
Bridget Smith 19:15:50
Sean Field 19:16:05
George Belcher-Truss 19:19:38
Glen Hookins 19:19:38
Tracey Pennington 19:19:42
Andy J Smith 19:20:38
Daniel Bashford 19:22:46
Richard Connett 19:23:15
Helen Harbottle 19:23:32
Nick Stone 19:23:55
Andy Corbett 19:24:41
Samantha Baker 19:25:12
Hywel Abbott 19:25:23
James McKibbin 19:25:36
Stanley Charles-Jones 19:29:02
Matt Tapp 19:29:25

Lollipop Top 10 Times

The times below are based on records stored in the website database which goes back to April 2022.


Samantha Baker34:48Lollipop run- June 2023 2023
Catherine Bashford35:55Lollipop Run - June 2022
Samantha Baker36:27Lollipop Run - April 2023 2023
Helen Harbottle36:28Lollipop Run - April 2024 2024
Samantha Baker37:15Lollipop Run - April 2022
Tanya Marrow37:50Lollipop Run - April 2022
Jo Sleep38:24Lollipop Run - May 2022
Catherine Bashford38:24Lollipop Run - May 2022
Tracey Pennington39:41Lollipop run- June 2023 2023
Tracey Pennington40:13Lollipop Run - April 2023 2023


Matt Tapp30:21Lollipop Run - July 2022
James McKibbin30:21Lollipop Run - July 2022
Matt Tapp30:35Lollipop run- June 2023 2023
Stanley Charles-Jones30:58Lollipop run- June 2023 2023
James McKibbin32:11Lollipop Run - April 2023 2023
Stanley Charles-Jones32:17Lollipop Run - April 2023 2023
Lewis Marrow32:34Lollipop Run - April 2022
James McKibbin32:34Lollipop Run - April 2022
James McKibbin34:24Lollipop Run - April 2024 2024
Hywel Abbott34:37Lollipop Run - April 2023 2023