NO Bridges Run

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The NO Bridges Run is our monthly club only summer handicapped run.  It replaced the Three Bridges Run which in turn replaced the old Bridge Run.  

The 10k run starts and finishes at the Pannier Market, goes to Alswear on the Alswear Old Road, over to George Nympton and back to South Molton.  There's also a shorter No Bridges Lite 4 mile route which goes out on the Alswear Old Road and turns back to do Limers Lane.

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10K Route

4 Miles Lite Route

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The start times listed below are based on your best efforts in the current year, where you haven't run in the current year your best effort from last year will be used.   If you have run the long run either in the current year or previous year then you will only have a start time for the long run even if you've also run the short run in that time.  This is to keep the list as uncluttered as possible.  Where you haven't taken part in the current or previous year you wont have a start time at all and will need to set a time, you will be marked as a first time runner even if you ran a few years ago.  Simples?

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No Bridges Top 10 Times

The times below are based on records stored in the website database which goes back to April 2019.

The times are for the 10k route only.


Fiona Corrick41:44NO Bridges Run August 2019
Fiona Corrick42:50NO Bridges Run July 2019
Fiona Corrick43:33NO Bridges Run June 2019
Fiona Corrick46:51NO Bridges Run May 2019
Jo Sleep47:55NO Bridges Run April 2019
Fiona Corrick48:32NO Bridges Run April 2019
Heather Cooke49:17NO Bridges Run July 2019
Heather Cooke50:10NO Bridges Run June 2019
Tanya Marrow52:11NO Bridges Run April 2019
Sarah Smith53:55NO Bridges Run May 2019


Paul Cooke36:43NO Bridges Run July 2019
James McKibbin38:01NO Bridges Run July 2019
Matt Tapp38:05NO Bridges Run July 2019
Matt Tapp38:33NO Bridges Run May 2019
James Stanley38:46NO Bridges Run July 2019
James McKibbin38:49NO Bridges Run April 2019
Jack Batchelor38:53NO Bridges Run April 2019
James McKibbin39:14NO Bridges Run May 2019
Ashley Bond39:15NO Bridges Run May 2019
James McKibbin40:05NO Bridges Run June 2019